Protean Software - Mobile Engineer

Protean Software have been in business since the mid 1990's with a product designed for any company involved in supplying, installing maintaining or hiring equipment (or lifts / commercial vehicles etc).

One of the key modules within their product was the Protean Mobile Engineer solution, where engineers were able to use mobile devices powered by Windows Mobile to interact in real time with the customers central office systems.

It became apparent to Protean, that the Mobile Windows platform was increasingly becoming less tenable as an offering due to the changing mobile marketplace.

A decision was therefore made to recreate the Mobile Engineer solution based around the Android platform, which is where First Light became involved.

We have since worked closely with Protean, initially recreating the functionality of the original module and later making use of the capabilities and performance gains offered by Android to extend the module with new functionality .


This module, for smart phone or tablet, allows real time allocation, updating & completion of field service jobs linking the engineer to the central office based Protean system.

Some of the many features:

  • Engineers can see all jobs allocated to them, equipment details, and equipment job history
  • Engineer can identify details of any additional work required, as well as extra parts needed.
  • Customers and engineers signature can be captured and stored
  • Signed job sheets can be printed on portable printers or automatically emailed on completion of visit
  • Engineer can submit completed timesheets

Sample Screenshots