Flexible Phone Management

Imagine having a permanent flexible phone number not associated with any single phone, or single operator.

A number that you can divert to any destination you like 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Or to voicemail, or faxmail.

A number with intelligent call diversion which can use a secondary number as the destination if the first is busy, unable to answer etc.

By choosing the right Flextel Number, you can do this without paying any call diversion charges or monthly service fees.

The number could be any of the following:

Personal (070)
Let you rceive calls on any phone including mobiles at no cost to you. Your caller pays a higher rate for the call
Business (0871,0844 and 03 except 030)
Let you receive calls anywhere and your callers pay a lower rate than for personal numbers. Used to give a national appearance to businesses, administration centres etc
Local (01 and 02)
Let you receive calls anywhere and your callers pat a lower rate than either of the above. Usually used by national businesses wanting to give a local presence in any town in the UK

And you can control this routing from wherever you are - from a phone or the web.

Privacy and complete control

Only you will be able to change the routing on your FleXtel numbers; since access to the special rerouting line is protected by a PIN code of between four and six digits (chosen by you) which you treat like a bank card PIN. Of course, only you will know the actual destination of where you are and, unless you choose otherwise, all that your callers will ever need to know is your FleXtel number.

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Which service do I need?

FleXtel provide two different services to meet your different needs.

A FleXtel Personal Number lets you receive calls on your mobile phone at no cost to you, because your callers are charged at about mobile rate. It is ideal for people on the road or for taking out-of- hours calls, where contacting you on a mobile is vital.

A FleXtel National Rate Number lets you receive calls on your landline, and your caller only pays national rate. These numbers are usually used as the main contact number for business, administration centres and any application where there is a need for a permanent number without a requirement to extend calls to a mobile.

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As you can see, it's all about choice - FleXtel puts you in complete control of your incoming calls. Furthermore, you can even choose your own number within the available number range. (Just like a personalised car registration number!) Pick an easily remembered number; or even one which uses the letters now printed on telephones to spell a word.

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How does it work?

  1. Select a FleXtel number from the "Shop".
  2. Connect your chosen number by following the online instructions and command your FleXtel Number to direct calls to the phone of your choice.
  3. Using the temporary activation PIN and Password emailed to you, logon to your account and choose your own secret PIN and Password.
  4. Now, by using FleXtel, your callers will be calling you (or your organisation). They won't need to know or think about where you are.

You may wonder how they achieve this without diversion costs?

Since 1992 FleXtel have controlled high-speed digital exchanges, deep in the telephone network. These translate your FleXtel number to the current destination number, so redirection takes place very early in the call, all in the blink of an eye. This method saves traditional diversion costs. What's more there are no recorded announcements and no delays. It really is that fast!

Anytime you want to change location, your secret PIN code will empower you to receive calls wherever you have any ordinary phone available, even a call box in the road!, so long as it doesn't have incoming calls barred.

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Why use FleXtel numbers? ....The Benefits

Don't lose Contacts/Business when you move - A Permanent Number

Organisations and people do relocate, often from one end of the country to another. The big advantage of FleXtel is that if this does happen, you can take your number with you - even if your new location has a different area code. Calls can start to arrive at your new location within minutes of your arrival - as soon as you instruct the automatic FleXtel system where to deliver your calls. No waiting for the new phone line number to be confirmed by BT or your new cable operator. No need to tell all those customers of the new number.

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Business Planning - Call Statistics, an invaluable tool

Businesses need to be able to plan and budget. Being able to analyse your incoming call data helps you do this. With Call Statistics you can control overheads, allocate resources and plan future expansion. Available on all 0870 and 07017 numbers, Call Statistics provide you with the following information:

  • All - How many calls are made to each of your FleXtel Numbers? Measure the effect your advertising campaigns have on your business.
  • Busy - How many callers get the busy tone? More phone lines might be needed.
  • Unanswered - How many calls are being missed? More operators might be needed.
  • Answered - How many calls do your operators receive? If you know how many calls your operators can handle in an hour, then you can asses your staffing levels.
  • Ringing- How long, on average, does it take to answer calls? This may indicate a need for staff training.
  • Conversation - Is the average conversation too long? Valuable resources may be being stretched which could indicate a need to upgrade your brochure ware.

Call Statistics are accessed using the link in the 'Actions' drop-down menu of your Master Account. You can view call data, in either monthly or daily format for the last 3 months and also see daily data up to the previous day.

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Avoid other number changes

Number changes get forced on us for a variety of other reasons:

  • Change of phone line service e.g. single line to multiple line
  • PABX or analogue to digital ISDN.
  • Minor Office relocation - even down the road - Your ordinary number can change!
  • Expansion of capacity e.g. telesales lines need expansion and no spare lines left on your number.

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Get more out of Your Mobile - Choose the best mobile phone deal

When you give out your mobile phone number to friends, colleagues or business contacts you are committing yourself to the mobile phone company for years to come because you don't want to change number. If you give out your FleXtel personal number instead you would be free to choose the best deal from any of the UK's mobile operators whenever your contract is due knowing that calls would still be going to your personal number.

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Solve coverage, battery or handset problems

Of course there are many other advantages associated with personal numbers and mobile usage. Don't just use your personal number as a mobile "front end", but divert your number to a land line or a friends mobile if you have coverage problems, flat batteries, damaged phone or if your mobile is stolen. You can be sure callers will still get through on your personal number.

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...Even More Benefits

Save Money - Don't Pay for Call diversion
With traditional call-diversion services, your callers pay for their call to your number, and you then have to pay again -- the cost of another call from your number to where you actually are.

With FleXtel it's completely different. When you use FleXtel to manage your incoming calls, the caller pays the full cost of the call, you pay no call charges at all for redirection, even to mobile phones, with a FleXtel personal number. By using Intelligent Network technology, call redirection happens at a very early stage in the call, so you don't have to pay for the call diversion.

Ex-directory or a directory listing?

It's your choice! If you wish, you can get a free entry in the BT telephone directory of your choice and a free business entry in the Thomson Local directory as well! You can choose whether or not your FleXtel listing replaces or is in addition to any existing directory entries. Or you can be completely ex-directory, if you prefer - again, the choice is yours.

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