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musings on the android OS and related matters

Using Bitmaps and Bitmasks

Having been wrestling with the refactoring of some existing android code written by third-parties, I was deliberating over some data structures that seemed very unwieldy and enhancement unfriendly.  This involved using a child table to my main data store to hold various flags to indicate some dynamic property of the main data that could be [Continue]

You’ve published your Android application – now what?

This is the third in a series of articles related to publishing your application to market place. The earlier ones are Managing free and paid Applications and Preparing your app for market – a checklist Your application has been published to the market place, and I guess you’re now monitoring your download figures – no [Continue]

Preparing your Android app for market – a checklist

You think the app is finished and ready for release to the marketplace. But hold on there is still a lot to check..this will help you. [Continue]

Unit Testing with Maven and Android

The default android development environment provides for testing applications using test applications that are deployed onto the target device and exercise the actual application within the android environment itself.  But what if you have non-android dependent code that you need to test without the overhead of a full build and deploy cycle (i.e. [Continue]

Android TabHost fun

My initial impressions were that using a TabActivity to divide the task in hand up would be a good idea, and would be realtively straightforward, but as in all things once you start getting into the detail, little things crop up that cause you no end of consternation and grief. Firstly, the documentation for View [Continue]

Managing free and paid Android applications

The way applications are managed in the Android marketplace has an impact on how you organise your code for an application that you want to present in free and paid formats. Essentially an application is identified by its package name and it is not possible to use the same package name for both a free [Continue]

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