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Internet woes

Been struggling for the last 3 or 4 days with access to the internet.

It began last week and  I first noticed it when trying to ftp files to another site – the transfer would start at normal speed and then after what looked like the initial buffers worth of data had gone across the connection would come to a grinding halt.

I was about to send an email to the support people at the other end explaining that they had a problem with their system – obviously – when I thought I’d better try sending to one of our own servers at another location. Same problem, only it was now my problem. And the nature of the problem was that my line seemed to getting disconnected and re-connected very rapidly.

Quick call to BT, and they came back after some tests saying the line looked OK and they suspected ‘something’ at my end.  To eliminate the ‘something’ they would send me a new router out.

Fair enough but was a bit surprised that a router just over 3 months old could be faulty. Was even more surprised when after talking to a few people it seemed common that things like slightly dodgy ethernet cables, adsl filters etc could all contribute to the kind of problem I had been experiencing. That’s what happens after you’ve lived with cable internet for so long – just no idea of how the adsl world live.

New router finally arrived and after installing with all new filters, cables etc internet access now seems ok.  (Apart from one laptop which seems to have taken a dislike to sending email – but it has always been a quirky little beast)

I’ve still got some more kit to connect in yet, but am hopeful that the rest will be problem free.

However, I am curious to know if there is an easier way to identify what piece of kit might be messing everything up, and how far back in your own internal network do you have to go ie could it be any ethernet cable, switch etc?

It does  seems a bit crazy to have to replace router, filters etc everytime ‘something’ is wrong, but I can understand that from the support point of view of BT and the like, then it is probably a cleaner and quicker solution for the customer.

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